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Community Groups provide a space for students to share life intentionally and encourage one another on their spiritual journeys.

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I don't find my identity in these friendships, but [through them] I have found it easier to see who I am in Christ. And that's what I really needed, to be reminded who I am, and that I am loved.
- Malachi Maglaya

Current Series

Each Christmas people around the world return to the stories surrounding the birth of Jesus: How his mother Mary conceived him though she was a virgin. How he was born in small hotel and his crib was a manger that farm animals ate out of. The shepherds who saw angels and the wise men who brought gifts. But unlike some popular Christmas songs, the Gospels don’t reveal to us a quaint bedtime story of Jesus. The shepherds fell down trembling at God’s presence; the wise men traveled many dangerous miles to worship a baby; and others either warmly welcomed the news of Jesus’ birth as if their life depended on it or they rejected him and sought to kill him. For the next four weeks leading up to Christmas we will be revisiting these essential stories given to us so that we can see Jesus Revealed. That is God’s plan in all of this, that he would reveal who he is and meet us where we are. The Christmas story — Jesus Revealed — is the ultimate proof that God sees what is wrong in the world and longs to set things right. But he’ll do so in an upside down way, with all the wrong people rejoicing in him and the right people rejecting him. And he’ll do it all not with an army or political office, but beginning as a baby born to a poor family in a dark time. No pine trees or hot chocolate or cozy socks. The Christmas story is Jesus Revealed and begs the question, “How will we respond [to the way God reveals himself]?”

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