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Community Groups provide a space for students to share life intentionally and encourage one another on their spiritual journeys.

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I don't find my identity in these friendships, but [through them] I have found it easier to see who I am in Christ. And that's what I really needed, to be reminded who I am, and that I am loved.
- Malachi Maglaya

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If you’ve ever met a Christian who has wrestled with the reality of suffering, you’ve probably heard them mention the Old Testament book of Job. Job is a literary masterpiece that addresses the question of suffering with intellectual integrity, emotional realism, and spiritual wisdom. For many of us, our first question when we face hardship is “Why?” And we immediately long for the difficulty to be taken away. Job is no different, but he is also portrayed as one of the greatest examples of a person who faces tragedy but does not lose his faith in God. How do we become men and women who are not shipwrecked by the evil, injustice, grief and pain of this world but instead hold on to and even grow in our faith during challenging life circumstances? Job shows us what it looks like to live in the mysterious tension of worshipping a good God in a world that is yet full of suffering. And through Job we see that God intimately knows the sufferings of this world, meets us with compassion and mercy, and ends suffering and death in the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. In Him we come to find the answer to and resources for facing evil, injustice, grief and pain today and always.

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