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Community Groups provide a space for students to share life intentionally and encourage one another on their spiritual journeys.

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I don't find my identity in these friendships, but [through them] I have found it easier to see who I am in Christ. And that's what I really needed, to be reminded who I am, and that I am loved.
- Malachi Maglaya

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When God called him to go to Ninevah, Jonah ran the opposite direction - away from the face of God; who, in His ‘severe mercy’, sent a storm to strip Jonah of his illusion of control and self-sufficiency, awaken his apathy, expose his hypocrisy, and to re-align him with mission.

The book of Jonah is unique in that it is a story about a prophet, but not a book of prophecy. It is a historic account of a real person, but told as a satirical parable with the purpose to “hold up a mirror to the reader… ‘In Jonah we see the worse parts of our own character magnified which are to produce humility and gratitude that God loves his enemies and puts up with the Jonah in all of us.’” -Tim Mackie

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