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12/ 3

Jesus Revealed: The Stargazers
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From the very beginning of his life Jesus evokes one of two responses: joy and worship or fear and rejection. We see these responses in Matthew 2 with the wise men, king Herod, and the leaders and people of Jerusalem. God shows us that when Jesus is revealed to us so is the reality that shapes our hearts. Matthew 2 tells the story of the wise men who are on a spiritual journey in search of reality. That’s what  spiritual journey is, a search for what is real. And aren’t all people on a spiritual journey? Aren’t we all looking for meaning and joy for our lives? In Matthew 2, we find the true meaning of Christmas: while we are all on a spiritual journey searching for reality, King Jesus went on a spiritual journey to bring reality to us. And then he took out place: he took on our human reality so he could give us his heavenly one.


Other Scriptures Referenced: Matthew 1:20, 23; 2:16, 19; 3:16-17; Jeremiah 9:23-24; 1 Corinthians 1:21, 26.


Jesus Revealed: Scandal
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Jesus Revealed: Shepherds
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Luke 2:8-20
The God of the universe put on flesh and came to earth as a human infant.  The news of his entry on our planet was first revealed to his earthly parents, Joseph and Mary.  The first people to hear of the news after Jesus’ parents were shepherds.  The first people God chose to reveal himself to were some of the lowest of the low in the culture at that time.  Angels appeared to these disregarded sheep herders and proclaimed the coming of Christ the Lord as a baby in a manger.  The shepherds found the baby and shared the testimony of their experience and those that heard the news were amazed and left in wonder.  Mary pondered the news thoughtfully and with all her heart.  The shepherds left worshipping and praising God.  What is your response to the birth of Jesus?

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