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EVERYTHING: A God of Abundance in a Culture of Scarcity
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2 Peter 2:1-4

With a new year, comes a bit of a blank canvas and a desire to make these coming months significant. For those of us who identify as Jesus followers, we want to go further. 

We want to know and experience and trust God more deeply. 
We want to keep in step with His Spirit more passionately.
We want to reflect and live for Jesus more fully.
How does that happen? Where does that even start?

In Peter’s second letter to the church, he gives the starting point, the foundation for living an ever deepening and growing life in and for and with Christ. He states that God’s divine power ha given (past tense) everything we need for life and godliness through our ever expanding, experiential, relational knowledge of Him who has called us to participate in His divine nature. 

This is the reality. This is the foundation. 
This is what God wants for His people. 

“It defines how we live.  If Christ is King, everything, quite literally has to be re-imagined, re-configured, re-oriented to a way of life that consists in an obedient following of Jesus.  A total renovation of our imagination.”  - Peterson


EVERYTHING: An All-In Response to an All-In God
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EVERYTHING: An All-In Response to an All-In God
2 Peter 1:5-7


In Peter’s second letter to the church, he lays the foundation (the starting point) for this journey of faith and discipleship that we’ve been called into. We’ve been given everything we need through the generosity of the Father through the work of Christ and the presence of the Spirit in our lives.  

For that reason, Peter encourages us to “add to” our faith with (a whole list of virtues and characteristics which reflect and mimic the very nature of Christ). He writes that if we possess these qualities in increasing measure they will keep us from being ineffective in our lives and witness. Peter is talking about ongoing transformation, continual change.  

“Whatever we do in by way of obedience to God or allegiance to God and the Gospel, it all takes place within the grace of God, by means of the promise of God, through the power of God, and leading to the Kingdom of God.” - NT Wright 

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