Here is what is happening in our community:

Exploratory Bible Study

Start Date 09/02 5:30pm Campus House Wood Room

If you’d like to explore Christianity and the Bible, we invite you to come to an Exploratory Bible Study on Sunday nights at 5:30pm. We’ll study the Gospel of John in a safe space that welcomes questions and honest conversation. 

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Senior EXIT

12/09 5:00pm

Senior EXIT is here to help you meet the people and gain the resources you need to transition successfully and thrive after college. To make the most of Senior EXIT, we invite you to mark your calendar for all the monthly workshops. Decide now that this matters for your future, even if graduation feels far away. If you make space for Senior EXIT, we commit to making it worth your time. We hope you join us for the entire journey! See the full schedule and register below! 

  • November 4 | After College: Preparing Well
  • December 9 | Family Matters: Relating to Parents
  • January 13 | Finding Community: Navigating Church, Friends & Fiancés
  • February 10 | First Job: Faith & Work
  • March 24 | Financial Faithfulness: Managing Money
  • April 14 | Resolved: Making God-Honoring Decisions
  • April 25 | Celebration & Commissioning
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