Upcoming Events

Worship Night & Baptism Service

09/27/19 8:00 pm Campus House

Our monthly worship provide intentional space for us to worship and pray together as a community. Come and celebrate all that God is doing and be refreshed by His goodness! We’ll also have a baptism service during the worship night. Baptism is an outward, public expression of an inner change when one puts his or her faith in Jesus. Baptism symbolizes that our old self is gone (going under the water), and our new self has come (coming above the water), and we have been made alive in Christ. (Romans 6:3-4) If you would like to be baptized or learn more information, contact Rob.

Contact: Rob Schrumpf, rschrumpf@pcch.org



Senior EXIT

10/20/19 5:00 pm Big Room

Senior EXIT is here to help you meet the people and gain the resources you need to transition successfully and thrive after college. To make the most of Senior EXIT, we invite you to mark your calendar for all the workshops. Decide now that this matters for your future, even if graduation feels far away. If you make time for Senior EXIT, we commit to making it worth your time. We hope you join us for the full journey! See schedule below and register here. A $20 fee covers the cost of materials and shared meals and scholarships are available. For more information contact Rick, rwhitlock@pcch.org.

October 20 | Resolved: Making God Honoring Decisions
November 24 | Family Matters: Relating to Parents
January 26 I First Job: Faith & Work
February 16 | Financial Faithfulness: Managing Money
March 8 | Finding Community & Falling In Love: Navigating 21st Century Friendship and Dating
April 19 | Growing in Christ: Finding a Church
April 25 | Celebration & Commissioning Dinner

Contact: Rick Whitlock, rwhitlock@pcch.org



Justice & Jesus

10/21/19 6:00 pm

Jesus & Justice is a 4 week conversation series shared over a meal. This is about friends and new faces gathering together to eat and talk about an issue impacting our world: modern day slavery and human trafficking. This is also about a journey of faith. Regardless of our spiritual backgrounds around the table, we believe an examination of Jesus will bring light in the midst of darkness. These dinner conversations will begin October 21st and meet various evenings based on your availability. Sign up here or email Kylin, kelliott@pcch.org for more information. 

Contact: Kylin Elliott, kelliott@pcch.org