Our Church

Want to serve at Campus House? Go here to learn more about areas where we need help.

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Our Community

Check out some of our partners in the Lafayette area and find out how to get involved in local community service.

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Our World

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Interested in our vision trips? See information about our current trips and photos from our past trips.

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Sunday Teaching Recaps

Did you miss last Sunday? Or maybe you're wondering what that worship song was a couple weeks ago. Or maybe you just want to relisten to a past sermon. If so, check this page out!

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Sermon Archive

If you can't find a past sermon, chances are that it's on our archive. Take a look!

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iTunes Page

Our Podcast is on iTunes! Download episodes to your phone so you can listen on the go.

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Who We Are

Read a little more into who we are as a ministry. Learn about our vision as a community and about the extensions of our church; Greyhouse and GreyMob.

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Core Beliefs & values

Learn about what we as a church believe. These are the foundations of our faith in Christ.

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Our Team

Need to talk to someone? Want to put a name to a face on our staff? Check out our staff page!

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Our Vision

Whole Gospel

The Church turned UPWARD

Gaining a greater sense of God’s goodness and faithfulness throughout the whole Gospel, exploring this thread of redemption throughout history and how it all points to Jesus.

Worship. Teaching. Equipping. Empowering.

Whole Life

The Church turned INWARD

Gaining a greater sense of who we are in light of who God is, seeing our identity, our brokenness, our life in light of His grace and Kingdom.

Community. Encouragement. Transformation. Spiritual Growth.

Whole World

The Church turned OUTWARD

Gaining a greater sense of a fallen, broken, and chaotic world and what God is doing through Christ and His church to bring restoration and wholeness.

Mobilization. Mission. Service. Evangelism.

Who Is Campus House?

Campus House

Campus House is a non-denominational church community in the heart of Purdue’s campus comprised of several hundred people seeking to be followers of Jesus and grow in their faith.

Our goal is to reach out to the campus and community and invite people to experience the grace and truth of Christ through authentic and honest relationships. We believe everyone has a unique story and we desire to help each person pursue an intimate and dynamic relationship with God that invites the Gospel to transform every part of his or her life.

We have Sunday services (worship, Biblical teaching, communion, prayer), a mid-week gathering called ‘Align’ that will stretch and equip you in your faith and life, small groups that meet weekly, a ton of events, and we are actively involved in missions and service both locally and globally. The purpose of it all is to point people to Jesus and inspire them to live for His glory.

Who Is Greyhouse?


Greyhouse Coffee & Supply Co. is a not-for-profit organization started and owned by Campus House. For years, we dreamed about creating an authentic way to serve West Lafayette beyond our walls and providing a cultural crossroads for those who live, work, and study on campus. We imagined a place to put life on ‘pause’ for a few minutes, to engage in conversation that goes beyond the surface, a space where people feel a part of something bigger than themselves, neutral ground where people come to experience something… different. We wanted to treat people well by serving hand-crafted foods made from local and regional ingredients and high quality, conscientious coffee.

Greyhouse opened in the summer of 2008 and has become an integral part of the community. It is a place that is accessible to people who would never walk in the doors of a church, a place that serves a really good cup of coffee and, as a business, seeks to serve the community. It is a place where people feel at home… they feel welcomed, known, connected, and loved.

We operate as a not-for-profit organization. The idea to serve the community came first, and using coffee as a means to that end second. We strive to support not-for-profits and social agencies, both locally and internationally, that are making a positive difference in peoples lives.

We work with roasters who give back to their communities, and we try to find suppliers that provide sustainable solutions that will help us continue on into the years ahead. Greyhouse isn’t simply an organization, it’s a way for us to make a difference.

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